yarn tasting

yarn tasting

Knitty yarn tasting

The Knitty Roundtable event was so much fun!

Not only did I get to try out some new-to-me yarns, I met some wonderfully interesting and super nice women, enjoyed a nice cup of latte and snacked on chocolates, and to my surprise, there was a prize draw at the end for the yarns we knit with, some pattern books, pins and other notions.

I took home some Donegal Tweed and Florafil (how appropriate, right?), a bulky weight colourful cotton, which I think will make a sweet kids hat or maybe little shrug.

The Purple Purl

Hubby commented that the idea of yarn tasting like a wine tasting event sounded pretty absurd, but for me, it was just perfect.

yarn swatch

This is my sample of the yarns I knit with that night. Some women who have been to previous yarn tasting nights had really long swatches. I think mine looks like a Barbie dress, the way the chunkier weight yarns narrow down towards the fingering weights. Hopefully I’ll get another opportunity to try this again!

Plus, I can’t wait to read the yarn reviews from our night in the future issue of Knitty. Oh, joy!


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