maple leaves

maple leaves bouquet

Enjoying the last bits of fall was the motto for this weekend.

maple leaves

maple leaves

K was determined to find the perfect maple leaves for her art. She looked for leaves with so much attention to detail and worked diligently on her little project. Ever time the wind blew, she would scurry after her precious leaves until finally deciding that a few rocks were in order to stop the leaves from blowing away.

Creativity in little ones is so amazing. I love this.


6 thoughts on “weekending

  1. I’d say she gets a lot of her creativity from you! You’ve set a great example. I’d say that’s about it for the leaves. We raked and raked yesterday. I’m ready to burrow into my house for the winter now (with a big pile of yarn, of course).

  2. Sooo LOVELY, so SWEET… Been a LONG time since I made a leaf bouquet. ;o) I better to sneak some–before all the wind & rain lately blow them away! Happy Days ((HUGS))

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