i heart fridays: tunics

This time of year, I love long, cozy sweaters that I can wear over leggings. Hence, I want to share some of my favourite handknit tunic length sweaters with you.

:: this one by the talented Norwegian pair Anna and Heidi Pickles is one of my absolute faves. I love the shape of the shoulder drops and the scoopy ribbed neckline. One day, I want to try their yarn. It always looks so yummy, like bowls of soft ice-cream!

:: I’ve had Idlewood by Cecily MacDonald in my queue for awhile now and I really, really want to get around to knitting, but life (read: other projects) just keeps getting in the way. The best thing about this sweater is the collar. It’s a sweater and a cowl in one! Perfect combo for a gal like me who is cowl obsessed.

:: I love Julie‘s version of this twiggy tunic mostly because of that green yarn. Isn’t it just the most gorgeous shade and texture you’ve ever seen?

Why do I heart these? Well, I love wearing leggings and jeans and tunic length sweaters are the perfect combo in my book. That’s all there is to it!

Happy Friday, friends. I’m going yarn tasting today! I can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “i heart fridays: tunics

  1. Yarn tasting….Yum! Have a great time and find yourself some of the green. Go tunics! You’re lucky you can wear them. I can’t (so sad) because they look so beautiful.

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