10 months

happy 10 months, baby!

My dear littlest one, this weekend you hit the ten month mark and I couldn’t be prouder of all your accomplishments so far.

You’re a little copy-cat right now. Everything from clapping hands, to waving hi/bye and patting the top of your head you do with a huge grin and an infectious laugh. You’re one of the happiest babies I know.

You’re on the verge of walking. I might even hazard a guess that you’ll take your first solo steps in the next month. You cruise around furniture so quickly now, and you can even stand up (for about 3o-40 seconds) without any support in the middle of the room! The first time you did this, I was shocked.

You are courageous and daring. You are loud and bold. You’re constantly chatting. You smile at everyone. You are the opposite of your older sister.

You are 10 months old and I love every minute of being your mama.


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