my sweater continued

Do you remember this sweater? Well, unfortunately I cannot report that it is finished yet, but I’ve made some progress.

top down raglan sweater

my top down raglan sweater continued

You see, the body is almost done. So many other projects and gift knitting has crept up in between that I have hardly touched my sweater in about a month.

There’s been so many ladies in the Spud & Chloe Raverly group that have already posted their finished sweaters and I’m feeling a little guilty for letting mine sit in my knitting basket for so long. I really, really want to finish my first-ever for-me sweater this month. That’s my goal, to have this one off my needles by the end of October.

In other knit-related news, I am super excited to be able to participate in a Knitty roundtable next week! I’ve been wanting to go for so long — about a year now when I first learned that these were hosted in one of my favourite yarn shops in the city. An opportunity to chat with other knitters (since I don’t have any knitty friends nearby or relatives that knit) and to play with all kinds of new yarn all evening long!

I had always been reluctant to RSVP for this event because I the timing was always difficult. It’s around my girls’ bedtime, but this month we’re going to try — hubby will try to get home early from work, deal with dinner-time, bathes and bedtime routines, while I make the trek downtown. I can hardly wait until next week!


6 thoughts on “my sweater continued

  1. Knitty Roundtable sound fabulous! Have fun! And I’m not done my sweater either, but I totally have sweater envy looking at yours! Love the neckline and colour!

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