lunchbox goodness: rice paper rolls

in her lunchbox

There is plenty that I love about these Viet-Thai inspired packages:

  1. You can eat them with your hands. Great for kids who prefer to eat with their hands, anyways.
  2. You can pack them full of good stuff — I used mung bean noodles, lettuce, cucumber and shrimp.
  3. They are easier to make than it looks.
  4. My method is all about saving time. I use mung bean noodles because it’s thin and you don’t have to cook them. You just soak the noodles in hot water. Once the noodles are soft, I drain the water and mix fish sauce, lime juice and sugar into the noodles.

    I also use pre-cooked frozen shrimp (cocktail shrimp works great for this) with the tails removed and sliced in half lengthwise. I soak the rice paper in a shallow dish (I actually use a cookie tray because it’s large enough to hold one paper). You need to work quickly, soaking only one paper while you roll the other.

  5. You can make them the night before; just keep them in the fridge wrapped in a wet paper towel. This prevents the rice paper from drying out overnight.
  6. And lastly, K loves them. No leftovers this time. What better reason than that!

Enjoy! I hope this inspires you, too.


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