attempt #2

little red knit baby shrug

After my earlier attempt at a cute baby shrug, my next try proved to be much more successful. I love how this little piece turned out.

I love the yarn (Blue Sky Alpaca‘s Organic Cotton). It’s the softest cotton yarn I’ve ever knit with. And I love how this pattern came together — a top-down, raglan construction — so simple. It knits up in just a couple of days, so it’s the perfect last-minute-I-messed-up-the-other-one kind of gift!

But honestly, I love this shrug so much that I’m already digging through my stash for another skein of this cotton so I can make one for L, too! Which is reminding me that I really need to organize my yarn (so during times like these, it would be so much faster if I didn’t have to dig through a Rubbermaid box every time I needed something), and I have grand plans for that, too, but alas my motivation laziness to clean up L’s future bedrooms so I can turn her current nursery into my studio, is winning over.

Back to the shrug… look here how this one compares to the first one. Astonishing, right? Could I really have been that far off on that Debbie Bliss pattern?

The dress is from Bookhou. I love Arounna‘s organic prints and textiles. And I love the tomato red knit paired with the olive, brown and linen of this simple dress. I hope the little girl who gets this will like it, too


11 thoughts on “attempt #2

  1. Wonderful shrug. Wonderful color — it reminds me of all the tomatoes I’ve been surrounded by lately! Just how are you going to organize all that yarn? I think I need to do a little inventory here, but I’m afraid to admit I have more than I’ll ever need in this lifetime.

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