shrug it off

bliss baby shrug

Two years ago, I knitted a shrug for K based on a Debbie Bliss (one of my all-time favourite children’s knit wear designers) pattern. It was my Punta Cana vacation knit project. It turned out way too large, even though my gauge seemed right. I chalked it up to knitting while on vacation with a toddler and probably messed up somewhere along the way.

Two weeks ago, I decided to try the same pattern again as a gift for an upcoming 1-year old birthday, this time using the suggested yarn, and again getting the correct gauge on the right needles. Based on my experience from the first time, I decided to knit one size smaller for this one.

I think you can see where this is going. Low and behold, it also came out way too large! I had a feeling this was happening after I started on the arms and saw how large they were coming out. I checked the DB website and didn’t see any corrections to the pattern. I read some comments on Ravelry of other knitters getting similar results. Could I be that confident in my knitting ability to suggest that *gasp* there might be something wrong with this pattern rather than something wrong with my gauge?

Well, at least this little sweater won’t go to the frog pile! It actually fits K very nicely, and once I block it, the edging should uncurl.

Just so you know… I knit the 12 month size and my girl is 3 years old!

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran
Pattern: from Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss

And so, getting back to that birthday gift. You see, I had purchased a cute little linen smock dress from Bookhou a few weeks ago in hopes of pairing it with a sweet hand knit shrug. I searched for a new pattern and now I have 2 weeks to knit another shrug.

So, here is my latest project in my basket.

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Dyed Cotton, colourway Tomato
Pattern: Confection Baby Shrug

Oh, and joy! I received my pretty new clutch from Downtown Girl Designs last week. It’s so darling and it’s currently holding my knitting notions for this project!


7 thoughts on “shrug it off

  1. That tomato color is super…..I’m typing this as I make tomato sauce. Hmmm. Quite the coincidence. At least the shrug is getting use — and a three-year is sure to appreciate it more than a one year old (if it’s any consolation).

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