9 months

i'm 9 months old today!

My dear littlest one, today you are 9 months old and I’m both happy and sad.

Happy because you are developing into a funny and beautiful little lady, and sad because it means you’re growing up (always my baby, though) and there are 3 more months until your first birthday.

You are a mobile little terror — always following your big sister K around the house. You’re cruising around furniture and crawling up the stairs now. You’re starting to eat chunkier food, and gobble it down quickly. So far there’s nothing you don’t love to eat!

You’re also the most fearless and curious little girl I know. I’m always chasing you off furniture, and wrestling shoes and remotes out of your little hands.

I never want to see you stop growing and learning, but I want you to stay exactly as you are today, forever.


P.S. I hope I’m developing an early love of fibre in this one by letting her play with my yarn stash!


5 thoughts on “9 months

  1. Big smiles here! :) Awww… you can’t get much sweeter or cuter than that!!! I see a future knitter in the picture! :) I love her little smocked dress. Did you make it? She looks so adorable in it!!
    Happy 9 months to your little Sweetie Pie!
    p.s. thank you very much for the sweet birthday wishes!

  2. I saw a future knitter right away. She is so beautiful. That dress is precious. I used to have so many smocked dresses for my daughter. I’m hoping I didn’t give them away in one of my household purges. Yikes. Enjoy the next three months.

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