closet crafting

When the seasons start to transition, I will usually spend a day clearing out my closets and drawers and making room for bulkier Fall clothing. I usually end up with a pile of clothes for donation. This time, I hung onto a few summery t-shirts that I didn’t wear at all this year and decided to recycle them into a craft I’ve always wanted to try.

I experimented with cutting a t-shirt into 1″ strips…

Then pulling each piece so the cut edges curl, forming a tube…

Then I tied the bunch together with a bit of extra t-shirt material to form a loopy necklace!

It can be worn long…

Or doubled up for a shorter, closer to the neck, look…

But my favourite way is paired with a cute flower clip.

And since I already had the scissors out, I cut up a few more tees…

And turned them into a big t-shirt yarn ball that I will be transforming into another project soon!

Inspired by this post by Betz White.


7 thoughts on “closet crafting

  1. You win the prize for the most clever idea! I wasn’t sure where you were going with this one, but the result is amazing. I never would have guessed it was an old t-shirt.

  2. Very beautiful!!! You top the my list today as the “Queen of t-shirt recycling!” I love your necklace, that flower just added the perfect touch! I also love your t-shirt ball just like it is. But I do look forward to seeing what you will craft it into?!!!! :)

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