lunchbox goodness: creative ham & cheese

in her lunchbox

Now that K has started school, packing a healthy and fun lunch for her has been added to my morning routine. I try my best to prepare most things the night before, but I hate soggy sandwiches, so there are some things that just have to be pulled together in the morning.

As promised, I will try to share some of my ideas for packed lunches regularly in this space. So here’s a little peek at her lunchbox from last week.

K really loves ham and recently I discovered that Maple Leaf has come out with a Natural Selections line without the preservatives and fillers that can sometimes be associated with deli meats. So I picked up a package from our grocery store and put together a ham and cheese sandwich.

I’m sure food cut into shapes are not new to most parents. It’s an easy way to make ordinary food a little special. I used the Drommar pastry cutter set from IKEA to turn her sandwich into a little crab, heart, star and tiny square. I assume she must have liked them because she ate all the individual pieces.

I’ve also decided to reuse our burp clothes as napkins for K’s lunchbox. They are all in very good condition since both my babies were never the spitting up type. I find they are the perfect size for K’s little hands and face, and I have enough for every day use, tossing them all in the weekend laundry, ready for the next week.

So far, the transition to school has been a little rocky for K. I’m hopeful that by the end of this week it will be better. If any of you have a tried and true lunchbox idea, I invite you to share it in the comments below and I may try it out and share it back for everyone, too! I’m always searching for new food inspirations now!


5 thoughts on “lunchbox goodness: creative ham & cheese

  1. I’m sorry your off to a rocky start….It will get better. It’s just as stressful for you as it is for the kids. Now I’m trying to think what I used to do to make lunches more special. When my kids could read, I would leave little notes in their lunches. But in kindergarten, I always tried to pack one treat. I stretched out their Halloween candy by doling out one piece per lunch — basically for all of November.

  2. Cute lunchbox idea! I never did cut out sandiwiches into shapes with my girls. Life got busy!
    I use to freeze the capri sun drinks when the kids got older, on hot days they would have a very cold icy drink and loved those. It also kept their sandwiches cold, back then I really don’t remember seeing the little frozen ice packs like my grand kids now have for their lunches.
    I would write out a little note (like Jodi :)) on their paper napkins letting them know I loved them. I would also add a cute sticker on it or draw a picture. When my oldest daughter (Candice) got into high school, her friends thought she was the luckiest girl to get a note everyday from her dear old mom. A few of them would write me notes back on the napkins sending them back home for her to give me. It was pretty sweet! :)

  3. What a special lunch for Miss K. I don’t have any advice to offer, but agree with the other commenters that a sweet little note in the lunch box may perk her up.

  4. love the cute sandwiches! I might have to steal that idea for my little one. Oh, and to GLoria…I remember my mom freezing Capri Suns for us as well. THanks for the fond memory.

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