her first day

My first-born girl had her very first day of school — ever — today! For the past three and a half years, she’s been hanging out with her grandma and grandpa most weekdays; but today was different. She went to school for the very first time!

Oh, my, what a big day for all of us!

There was a lot of stalling this morning. A few sad glances and big fat tears welling up in her eyes as the teacher pulled her away, but overall she was very brave. My little girl is growing up.

gearing up for school

The photo above is K’s lunchbox. I picked it up last spring from the Children’s Trunk Show from SoYoung Mother. I love her retro cute designs and the linen-look  which is coated to wipe clean easily. I didn’t have the foresight to take a photo of K’s actual lunchbox this morning (so many other things on my mind as I hurried us all out the door as not to be late on our very first day), so this product shot will have to do.

I’m thinking of starting a new regular feature on my blog, showcasing some of the lunches I’m packing for K. I love the fact that K’s school encourages healthy lunches and snacks, promotes reusable containers and cloth napkins, and uses placemats for lunch time. So in honour of that, I’ll share some of my healthy lunchbox ideas with all of you!

I’m eagerly anticipating the end of the school day, when I can go pick up  my little girl and hear all about her exciting first day!


4 thoughts on “her first day

  1. Aww….what a memorable first!!! Cherish it with all your heart! I already know you are…:)
    Love that you will be sharing with us your healthy lunch ideas, thanks for that!

  2. What a big day! Enjoy this time because it goes so fast, my little girl is in the 6th grade this year!

    Yes, post about your lunches! I’m always looking for ideas for healthy brown bags for my daughter.

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