i heart fridays: cardigans

Cardigans seem to be popping up in shops all over right about now. With back-to-school and fall clothing on the racks, I feel a little pressure to step up my cool weather knitting. This fall I’m determined to knit at least 3 cardigans, one for myself, and one for each of my babes.

:: With over 3,000 projects marked, Meghan‘s Shalom is quite popular. And it’s no wonder with it’s easy top-down construction and flattering yoke styling. This one is going to be mine. I’ve already set aside some Cascade Ecological Wool for this one!

[image: kathrynivy.com]

:: Hannah Fettig‘s Yoked Cardigan is another top-down design that I heart. Alice over at kathrynivy.com is a goddess with Malabrigo and I love how her carrot cardi for her daughter turned out. This one is ear-marked for K.

:: Teresa at Comfort Wool has designed this little sweater which I think is perfect for my little L. I love the simple design and the three-quarter length sleeves. I have several skeins of Manos that would be perfect for this one!

Why I heart these? Top-down, one piece construction! I might have mentioned this before, but I hate sewing seams. This is the way to go in my book!

Happy long weekend friends!


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