hello, september

The summer seems to be moving ever so quickly here. I can’t believe we’ve reached this point on the calendar already. Here’s a recap of what was created, lived and laughed in my summer that was August.

august 2010

September means a lot of things for me, like…

:: the first day of school for my baby in just one short week

:: the anticipation of earlier nights and cooler days after this hot and humid summer

:: the thrill of Fall handknits

:: and just over 3 months left on my maternity leave. Oh my!

What does your September bring?


4 thoughts on “hello, september

  1. I can’t believe that you’ve had nearly a year off already. It goes by too, too quickly. Not fair. And this hot, sticky weather can go — I am so sick of it. I want those wonderful, cool Fall nights.

  2. Love your little photo collage! What a lovely September it is!
    My September will be bringing a baby shower, a birthday, and hoping for some cooler weather so I can start some baking without the heat killing us!!

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