first haircut

Did I hear correctly? You're cutting my hair?

My littlest one was born with a head full of hair. Actually both my children were. Until recently, we’ve just been putting clips in her hair to hold back her really long bangs, but these past couple of days she’s been pulling out the clips and putting them in her mouth. And then some days she has a bad comb-over! Funny!

So last night we decided it was time to cut her hair for the first time. She was quite well-behaved through it all. Her big sister wanted to see the action and I think she was a good distraction for L.

Now she has real bangs. Hubby and I are not sure we like it. We’re hoping that in a week once the freshness of it has grown in, it will look a little better. Personally I think she looks a little boyish now. Oh, well! There’s always next time to get it right!


5 thoughts on “first haircut

  1. She’s adorable — no matter what the “do” looks like. And hair always grows. My boys have had their fair share of bad cuts (probably my daughter too — but we don’t mention those). Anyhow, she has really grown and changed these past few months. She’ll be keeping you on your toes now.

  2. My middle daughter was born with a bunch of hair. She basically looked like she had a wig placed on top of her little head! Most of the hair consisted of bangs! :) I did the clip thing for her for years before I cut it…I mean YEARS!
    Your little one looks sweet in her new DO! :)

  3. Your little one is beautiful! Anna doesn’t have much hair, but it’s definitely growing. I don’t think L looks like a boy at all, she’s got very soft features.

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