i heart fridays: rainbows

rainbow inspiration


There’s something magical about rainbows, isn’t there? When I saw this cake by Andrea over at Hula Seventy, I fell in love with rainbows all over again. 

Here’s a peek at some of my favourite rainbow-inspired handknits: 

:: little fishy mittens by Spilly Jane — oh how I heart these! I think I might have to try colourwork again and make a pair of these for both K and I this winter. 

:: this comfy rainbow blanket looks so soft and cuddly — plus the kid in the photo is too adorable! Pattern from the Lion Brand pattern library. 

:: and of course, the colourful Tulips baby cardi by Dream in Color has been on my knit to-do list for a while now! 

Why I heart these?
When I’m choosing colours, I normally gravitate towards neutrals — greys, browns, white with a occassional blue thrown in the mix. But there’s so much yummy choice out there for vibrant yarns that I really should expand my colour selection. K is naturally drawn to colour — her favourites being blue (like her mama) and orange, so one of these designs is sure to be on my very needles soon! 

Happy weekend friends!  I hope your weekend is full of colour!


6 thoughts on “i heart fridays: rainbows

  1. I tend to gravitate to a neutral pallete also, I think because the colors calm me. I have been throwing in a bit of pink to warm it up lately though. One of my granddaughter’s favorite things are rainbows, she draws them all the time, and wants everything in the colors of rainbows! It is so fitting to her personality because she is happy (most of the time), and is has such a vibrant personality!
    I would love to see your creations in colors of the rainbow! These selections you have shown are so fun and inspiring!! :) Have fun knitting!!!

  2. Now that you’re so inspired, I expect to see these beautiful colors cropping in up in your handiwork! I sometimes get in a rut with colors too — mostly because I love “fall” colors like browns and rusts. Sometimes it’s fun to break out of the ordinatry and try something new.

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