in my basket: the knit-a-long

the making of a sweater

After all the knitting I’ve done over the past 4 years, I’ve never completed anything larger than a cowl for myself. I’ve knitted many baby sweaters and cardigans, but nothing in adult size. This is the year this will change. I’m determined to finish the cardigan I started for myself almost 2 years ago, and I will knit a sweater for myself this year!

I should state, in my own self defense, that there are a couple of reasons why it’s taken so long to knit for myself. First, my babies are growing so fast that I’m constantly keeping up my knitting to fit their growing bodies! I’m not growing anymore, so I figure, I could wait a while to finish my own sweater. Ha!

Second, I’m an impatient person. I love the quick fix of baby clothes because they finish so fast. Adult sweaters take time. I’m all for instant gratification.

So, to help me stay on track with my first-ever adult sweater, I’ve decided to join Susan via the Spud Says! blog for a Raglan sweater knit-a-long. With the support and encouragement of a group I think I can make this sweater happen. Wish me luck!


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