8 months

hello, I'm 8 months old now!

My dear littlest one, you turned 8 months old this week and I’m still amazed every single day how much you keep learning. Only a few short weeks ago, I was in awe of your crawling abilities, but again you surprised me by pulling yourself up and standing all on your own a week later! Then last week a tiny little white tooth appeared out of nowhere. Oh my! I have a fear (for my own sanity) that you’ll be walking before your first birthday!

I’m so enjoying our summer days together. You’ve grown out of your baby car seat and loving your sister’s car seat much better since the switch. Less screaming (I can’t say there’s never any teary complaints) from the backseat now when we’re on the road. And your sister is loving her new Big Girl car seat, complete with cup holders — or toy holders as she calls them!

You’re eating like a pro now and have graduated to meats and slightly chunkier foods. You love water from your sippy cup and I think soon we’ll switch your milk to a sippy, too.

You’re growing up way too fast, my littlest one. I wish I could freeze time and keep you at this age forever! Wouldn’t that be the best? Happy 8 months old, my little one!

Thanks for all your sweet encouragements about K’s first days of school. She’s getting a little better (read: less crying at drop off) and I hope (fingers crossed) by the end of the week we’ll be tear-free.


3 thoughts on “8 months

  1. She has grown and changed so much! It’s hard to believe that 8 months have gone by — and I’m only watching from afar. Love that hat. It is so pixie-like.

  2. Look at her sweet button nose, and chubby cheeks! Such a Sweetie-pie!
    Love that soft-chunky-beautiful colored hat too!!! :)
    Happy 8 months to your little dear baby girl!!

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