big steps

This week was the start of a new routine for our family.

K is starting school this September. To prepare, we enrolled her for 2 weeks of summer camp at her new school so she can get used to the idea of being dropped off, meeting the teachers and getting familiar with the school grounds.

This means a big change for our entire family. For me, it means coordinating drop off and pick ups, making her a portable lunch and snacks every morning, and all the wondering how she’s doing at school. For little L, it means a disruption of her nap schedule (because of the said pick ups and drop offs).

And the biggest change is for K. Since she turned 1 years old she has spent her weekdays with grandma and grandpa (her po-po and gong-gong). We’re fortunate that my parents were willing to take care of her for so long. It allowed me to go back to work after my first maternity leave without worry, and it allowed her to bond with her grand parents.

But now, the act of going to school is a big deal for K. Drop offs have been a little tough. As expected, she cried pretty hard yesterday and this morning when I left. But this was the reason why we enrolled her in summer camp. To get used to the idea before school really started in September.

This is K on our way to school. She was very excited and no tears.

A different story when we got to school and she realized that mama and daddy were not staying with her. Oh, my grown up girl… She has a huge capacity and interest in learning right now that I know she will love school soon!


5 thoughts on “big steps

  1. It will be just fine….Before you know it, she won’t even look over her shoulder as she races into school. We were fortunate that a school bus used to pick up my kids when they were in elementary school. They LOVED riding the bus, so goodbyes were a snap! Hang in there.

  2. Those first big steps….the first of many to come..:) Your bright little girl will do great! It is so nice that the school has a camp before school starts to help her adjust. The new school schedule takes a bit of getting use to for the whole family. We are in the same boat all over again with the grand kids living here!. After awhile you just accept it as a routine.
    Our grand kids started school on Monday. First and second grade…already! Time sure flies! They love their classes so far…that always makes everyone happy…:)

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