my knitting bag

I’ve been wanting a new knitting bag all summer. I’ve been searching online for the perfect bag, but everything I saw was either more than I wanted to pay, or not quite right.

Then I saw this…

on the go knitting

It’s the perfect size — large enough to hold my needles, several skeins of yarn, and even a magazine or two! Plus, I love the colour and straw texture. And it has stripes! (Have I mentioned that I’m really into stripes right now? Well, that’s a story for another day, another post.)

It also has a cotton lining, a magnetic snap enclosure and a zippered pocket on the inside. Pretty much perfect, right?

To top it off, it was on clearance at the GAP for under $10. I already said it was perfect, right?

This little bag is with me now almost everywhere I go. I’ve found that knitting in the car while we go on long road trips, like to the beach, is an excellent way to pass time. Why I never thought of this before this summer, I’m not sure! But now, I’m ready to go!


3 thoughts on “my knitting bag

  1. That’s an awesome bag! But truly, the price is the best part. What a deal you got. I have found that I get in some of my best crocheting time while driving (and having a teenager who wants to do that driving is an extra bonus).

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