i heart fridays: market bags

going to market

[image from Lollipops in France]  

In Ontario, summers are all about fresh Ontario produce and farmers’ markets. Since last fall, I’ve been meaning to knit a sweet mesh market bag for my weekly farmers’ market outings, but alas, it’s almost August and I’ve yet to get one of these beauties on my needles yet! 

Some of my favourties… 


[images both from Haley at Knit-o-Matic]  

Don’t you just love the aqua pegboard in the background? So cute! I want one in my future studio! 

 [image from Sky in California]  

Why do I heart these?
They are so versatile! Perfect for the market, for the pool or even for stashing yarn. I can imagine knitting a bunch of these in a rainbow of colours. Can’t you?  

Happy Friday! xoxo


4 thoughts on “i heart fridays: market bags

  1. I love the color and design of those bags. A girl can never, ever have too many bags for whatever use! Have a wonderful weekend Flora — I just bought a dozen more lemons (all I want is your lemonade these days!).

  2. GORGEOUS bags… love all the fresh, bright, juicy colors! I have a couple market make knit patterns… have yet to knit one though myself. There’s still some summer left! ;o) Happy Weekend to you & yours, Flora ((HUGS)) Oh, I’m having some giveaway fun with my shop closing… stop by if you get a chance…

  3. These bags are really gorgeous and i really love the colors. I really enjoy going to farmers’ market lots. :) So happy to have found you from our Home EC course. You have a really inspiring space. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

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