i heart fridays

love socks

Before I went on maternity leave, I loved Fridays because it meant two days off. Now, I heart Fridays because it means two full days as a family of four. Some weekends are very full with kids parties or outings. There are some weekends we just don’t do anything at all. But these past few weekends is all about making our home presentable again.

So, because I know you all heart Fridays, too, I’d like to start a regular feature here and share my favourite knits from around the web on Fridays. These will be patterns that I love, projects that I have queued with the hopes of casting on one day, or finished objects that I admire covet the skill of another knitter.

Like these adorable Love Socks by Devon Clement.

Why do I heart these?
Who wouldn’t, right? Aren’t they the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen. I love the mixed colours. I love that each one is the opposite of the other. I love the darling heart heels. I want to knit a  pair for each of my girls for Christmas. Wouldn’t they make just the perfect little gifts?

So, what are you hearting right now?


6 thoughts on “i heart fridays

  1. I know I would *heart* a pair of those socks! Your daughters will love them, even more so that their dear Mom made them…:)
    I am *hearting* this day, Friday, to be able to spend some down time with my dear hubby. I am also *hearting* the idea that I may finish up with extra painting projects today.
    Have an enjoyable weekend with your family, Flora!
    @}~`}~~~ Gloria
    p.s. thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I appreciate them! :)

  2. What a super idea! Fridays are the best work-day of the week. My true love though is Saturday. Let’s see….What am I hearting right now? This brand new yarn in a lovely turquoise color. I can’t make up my mind what to do with it, but I had to have it! Those socks are great. Just finish them in time for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

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