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Do you remember Home Ec in grade school? I do, but unfortunately I never paid too much attention at that time. Blame it on my youth, my inexperience, or my naive thinking that I would never really want to use a sewing machine in my life, but I never learned how to sew.

Now I get to make up for my lack of interest in my younger days…I’m so excited! I’m finally going to learn how to sew! When I saw this online course offered by some of my favourite bloggers, I immediately signed up! I’ve wanted to learn to sew like FOREVER but I could never make it out to a sewing class because of the kids. The online course was the perfect opportunity. No need to leave the house, yet I’d have the “hand-holding” that I knew I would need.

The project list is extensive. That was the other draw.

:: I would learn to make a fabric cubby! I want a ton of these for corralling all the kids’ toys!

:: a leather and canvas purse! *Squeal* Can you imagine the possibilities here?

:: and a quilt! Oh, boy!

Plus, by taking this course I also get to check off a few goals from the list; #1: take a workshop and # 22: learn to sew. Once I get my first project complete, I’ll get to check off #2: sew something, too! These sewing goals were among the few on my list that I was most unsure whether I would be able to accomplish. Now I can’t wait until the start of class!


6 thoughts on “sew excited

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  2. Are you doing the course? I saw it and was totally intrigued. I love how the stuff you make is actually stuff you would want. Have fun with it!

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