the perfect lemonade

destined for lemonade

This is now my favourite drink of summer 2010.

The recipe for the best non-squeezed pitcher of lemonade I’ve ever made by Small Burst. The best part: no lemons were harmed in the making of this drink!

I’m serious; just slice, add sugar, chill, add water. So simple. So delicious! Try it, you won’t believe it.

The best part… sipping lemonade and¬†knitting winter wear,¬†while the weather is toasting outside, In my opinion, the perfect combo! Hope you’re all finding ways to keep cool, too.


6 thoughts on “the perfect lemonade

  1. Mmm.. lemonade! My husband’s grandfather use to make the most amazing freshly squeezed lemonade around. We sure miss the dear man!
    Have fun knitting, and enjoy that lemonade! :)

  2. Hey Flora,

    I was checking in to see an update of the reno — will check back again later.. but I was lucky to find this lemonade recipe — I made it yesterday and it was awesome. I’ve been on the hunt for a lemonade recipe for years and this one is it. M said an hour after downing his share ” mmm.. can’t believe that lemonade …. !” :)

    hope you’re having a great summer.

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