crossing off #16

i heart flowers

A couple of weeks ago when we moved back in, I was able to cross off #16: plant something by cleaning up (read: weeding) and prettying up my front yard.

And in case you’re wondering, before/after photos of my reno are coming, I promise! We’ve just had some delays with the final touches to our kitchen. Our chosen backsplash is on back order and our island countertop installation has been delayed. Bummer!


4 thoughts on “crossing off #16

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  2. Pretty flowers! I bet it feels great to cross off another “to do!” off that list. I bought some pink Mexican primroses right before we left on vacation, they stayed in their pots…with lack of water while we were gone. They are looking pretty sad at the moment. I am not sure if they will survive…..Oh well, if they don’t make it I will have to make an effort to buy some more. I have seen them in several yards where we live, so I know they can survive our hot summers! :)

  3. So close! This delay has got to be driving you crazy. I guess it’s good that you’re making use of your time by working in the garden. I actually went out last night and weeded a whole bed — which made me feel much better. Your flowers are lovely.

  4. Oh, I completely understand about not posting photos of the reno until you’re all done. Believe it or not, we still have some finishing touches to complete. My husband and I finally had time to work on the yard this weekend too so I got to cross that off the list before my vacation.

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