on the move

she's fast and furious!

L has been wearing the legwarmies I made for K these days to protect her knees from rug burn as she moves across the floor. I love that this pattern makes up into something both my girls, who are three years apart, can wear. I’m already searching through my stash to find some more yarn to make another pair for my girls. 

Is there nothing sweeter than chubby baby thighs squeezed inside a pair of stripey leg warmers? Who can resist? I just want to grab her and take a bite!


4 thoughts on “on the move

  1. I agree…there is nothing sweeter than chubby baby thighs (squeezed inside a pair of stripey leg warmers)! I remember those days of searching for our crawling baby daughter(s). So sweet! Enjoy them! :)

  2. Oooh, I will have invest in some of those leg warmers when the time comes for my little one. I clicked on the link and those pictures of your older daughter are SUPER cute!

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