7 months

hello, I'm 7 months old today!

My dear littlest one, I know I say this each and every time you hit a monthly milestone, but it’s so true; I can’t believe how quickly you are growing and how much you’ve learned in 7 short months. I still think that your birth date was only just yesterday; how tiny, how loud, and how sweet you were that day.

A couple of very awesome things happened this month. Actually, they both occurred in the last two weeks. The first one I am ecstatic about because it impacts my happiness and well-being, too. You’re officially sleeping through the night! From 7pm to 4, 5 and get this, sometimes even 6 am! I knew that you would get there, but boy, oh boy, did it take you a while. I was getting very envious of mothers I would meet that had babies much, MUCH, younger than you, little one, who were already sleeping 6 or 7 hours a night. But we’re there now, that’s all that matters, right?

The second, you are on the verge of crawling, which actually impacts me, too, because I just can’t put you down on the ground anymore and expect to find you in the same place when I return! If baby proofing the house was hard with just one kid, two is nonsense. It’s so hard to corral all of K’s toys, with its many small parts and things that a 7 month mobile, curious and puts-everything-in-her-mouth baby can get at. Impossible!

You’re eating food like a champ, now, too. Chowing down three meals a day and loving everything we give you, except for bananas. But that’s okay, because I can’t stand them either!

Happy 7 months, my littlest one! I can’t wait to discover what you have in store for me next!

See L at six, five, four, three, two, and one month.

Happy weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “7 months

  1. Sooo sweet! How fast she is growing up… She needs to slow down a little! ;o) Glad for the better nights… What a relief, ‘eh? Oh, LOVE your beehive hat! Happy Week ((HUGS))

  2. What a sweetie pie she is! She is dressed (and surrounded) in such cute vibrant colors for these photos…so adorable! Happy 7 months! Love those little feet too…:)

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