in my other basket

a peek inside my knitting basket

Although I’m still working on the purple lace cardi for L, I’ve decided to set it down for a while and whip up some easy ribbed hats. Though the weather is blazing 35+ degrees outside, somehow I’m getting the urge to knit winter wear again. I’ve been looking at sweater patterns recently and have a few queued for future projects already. 

L has decided to “help” me by reaching in and holding my yarn as I knit. She has a fierce grip; sometimes I have to wrestle that ball of yarn away from her. 

Plus, it’s harder to get things away from her now because she has started the early stages of crawling! Yes, that’s right! Just 5 days from turning 7 months old, my littlest one is on the verge of a full-out crawl. She can actually move across the floor, pulling herself along with her arms. She has great upper body strength! Once she figures out how to get her belly off the ground, there’s no stopping her! 

My project basket doesn’t stand a chance!


4 thoughts on “in my other basket

  1. Oh my gosh….I love it! She’s so cute and she’s going to keep you hopping. Your world will change once she gets mobile — I never minded the crawling stage, it was when mine started pulling themselves up onto things. It was scary!

  2. Sooo sweet! She is really on the move now… She’ll be walking before you know, and then running off with your yarn… LOL! Thanks for stopping by. It’s great to be back here catching up with you after being away some day unwell…It’s good to be on the mend again! Happy Days ((HUGS))

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