in my basket


I’ve officially given up on the retro knit sweater I was making for L and frogged it a couple of weeks ago. Maybe someday when I have the patience for colourwork with such fine yarn, I’ll revisit the pattern again as I really love the resulting sweater so much, but not right now.

Instead, I’ve cast on a sweet little cardi for L using the frogged yarn in the plum colourway. The pattern is also from Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren (preview of the book here).

I rarely do lace knitting but this little piece has got me a little hooked. I love the repeated pattern and the resulting textures. I also love the subtle colour changes in this yarn by Tanis Fiber Arts. Now I’m looking at all kinds of lace scarfs and shawls and summer cardis for a future project. What fun!

Have you ever had a project that you started with enthusiasm only to change course and start again with something fresh?


5 thoughts on “in my basket

  1. What a deep purple! It looks so rich. And I’ve started many a project only to have it “evolve” into something else. (Did you feel the earthquake yesterday? I think I’m the only one who missed it — I can’t imagine how everyone else felt it and I was oblivious).

  2. LOVE that purple…that’s a very scrumptious color! Actually, I’m knitting a cropped cardi in a similar color… and I’m having to frog it as I somehow have made a mistake in increasing and must fix before I can divide for front/back…*sigh*… it’s not helping my knitting mojo… LOL! Happy Weekend, Flora ((HUGS))

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