baby food

more peas please!

I made my own baby food for K and I also wanted to give L the same fresh start using local or organic food whenever possible. Fortunately, it’s summer and farmers’ market season is on so there’s plenty of local and organic produce available.

Making baby food is so simple and fast. The benefit for me is I know what is being put in my babe’s mouth and there’s less waste. A 6 month old baby would never finish one of those little jars of baby food. Plus, you only need a few tools and you’re set!

First, something to freeze the puree food in; I use a combination of freezer trays and baby food cubes designed for freezing baby food. Second, a blender; I prefer my hand blender so I can puree directly in the pot — less dishes is always a good thing in my book!

Sweet Pea Puree Recipe:

1 pint fresh sweet peas, shelled.

Steam the peas until very tender. This needs to be more tender than how you would normally eat them to help break down the tougher skin around the peas. Drain the peas, reserving some of the water for blending. Blend until very smooth, adding more reserved cooking water if needed.

It’s sometimes very difficult to get my own food as smoothly as those commercially available, but I can come pretty close using my hand blender. The trick is liquid — make sure there’s enough!

So simple and good, right? From the first photo, it’s hard to tell but L happens to really love peas, which is great! I hate peas, by the way!


3 thoughts on “baby food

  1. I’m loving snap peas from our CSA….But rarely do we eat any other peas. I’m glad she’s enjoying her meals after all the work your putting into them.

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