reno mondays: week 6


This was the week I was waiting for in our renovation schedule — the installation of our kitchen cabinets! I can’t describe how happy it was to see the cabinets in place. Hubby and I just  stood for a long time in the middle of the room silent and gazing. We can’t get over how different it looks.

And I just love our new mudroom!

There’s still a lot of finishing touches left to do, but it’s coming together nicely. The next big installation will be our countertops. I’m eagerly waiting for those and counting down the days I’ll be back at home. About 2 more weeks and I should be there. I can’t wait! Living away from home for 2 months is really getting old. Even my babe has hit so many milestones in the time we’ve been away, it’s incredible.

The next time I post will be the final before and after photos. Yippee! Please pardon the bag photography lighting in these pics. They were taken in the evening. The final set will have to be taken during the day in all it’s glory!

By the way, happy summer solstice today!


3 thoughts on “reno mondays: week 6

  1. You have a little bench seat in your kitchen? I’m so jealous — in a totally good way! I can picture your little ones sitting there waiting for something good to come out of the oven. Very exciting to be so close to completion.

    • Jodi, the bench is in the mudroom but I would love to be able to fit one in the kitchen. That would be really sweet! Maybe in another reno!

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