strawberry fields

strawberry loving

We went strawberry picking today!

There was great gorgeous field of fresh ripe strawberries. It was rows and rows of red deliciousness!

K had a blast picking the perfect berry. She was a pretty picky picker; careful not to pick the green ones, or even the ones that were red with green tips. She was pretty meticulous!

And when she found the perfect one, well… doesn’t the above say it all?


4 thoughts on “strawberry fields

  1. This is too coincidental! We went picking today too. My two boys went with me and we picked way too many. I’ve just spent my entire evening hulling and slicing them. My energy is zapped, so the jam will have to wait until tomorrow.

    Your little helper is so cute. Isn’t it fun? I had such a good time. And even my 18 year old said it was really relaxing.

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