more legwarmies



A while ago I casted on a pair of legwarmers for K and had only completed one of the two before a series of other knit projects came in between. I picked these back up last week and finally finished them, much to K’s delight.

They’re perfect little addition to all the dresses she’s been asking me to put on her. Every day she says, “Can I wear a dress today?” How sweet, huh? I love little girls in dresses!

I think she loves to twirl…

…who wouldn’t, right? I think I need to learn how to sew some twirly skirts, like these.


6 thoughts on “more legwarmies

  1. Those are SUPER-CUTE warmies for a super-cute girlie! :o) I just love the stripes. I had knit myself a pair of plain black leg warmers for myself… too dull…need to pretty ’em up with something! ;o) A twirly skirt…*swoon*… Happy Day, Flora :o) ((HUGS))

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