itty bitty swap

i heart swaps!

I recieved the sweetest little package yesterday, jammed with handknit and French inspired goodness! Part of the Itty Bitty swap on Ravelry, where each person knit a custom hat based on this Susan B. Anderson pattern.

Along with the Frenchie hat and Jelly Bean socks, my pretty blue and brown photo box included 2 yummy skeins of malabrigo silky, handmade fleur de leu stitch markers, a handmade metal shawl clasp, an Eifel Tower plaque, Eifel Tower notepad, a collection of green floral French patterned sticky notes, Paris stickers, recipe cards, a red and black French patterned reusable tote, a flower-shaped snap braclet and maple candy (both of which K loves!)

Don’t you just love the pink, grey and white colour combo?

Here’s a look the complete set I sent along to my partner. Now that she has received it, I can spill the beans.

It was a fun swap indeed!


7 thoughts on “itty bitty swap

  1. Hi – it’s me from Ravelry! KGR-Ranch ….. love your blog, love your recap and all the pictures of your daughter in the hat ….. what a fun IBK swap indeed! We’re so glad you are knitting with us! Again, super blog!

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