little seed

little gardener

My dad is meticulous with his garden. While I’ve been living with my parents during our renovation, I’m able to see first-hand, the care he puts into it. Every morning he goes out, brings the little plantlings out from the shed and the homemade greenhouse and sets them out in designated spots in the backyard. He’ll do this until June when the fear of overnight frost is gone. Then he’ll replant each one in the raised garden beds he’s created.

He even makes his own fertilizer with fruit and vegetable leftovers and peels. He doesn’t use pesticides.

His gardening love is being passed down to K, who now has her own little garden to take care of. A few weeks ago she, too diligently planted, with the help of my dad, some cucumber seeds which she received in a loot bag at a birthday party. She faithfully waters it every evening after dinner.

Today the little seeds have sprouted and every morning she goes outside to see its progress. I can’t wait to see if little pickle-sized cucumbers start to sprout. She will be so delighted!


5 thoughts on “little seed

  1. She’ll always remember these days with her grandfather. It’s such a nice thing to do and share. My littlest one used to plant marigolds with my father — even when he was suffering with Alzheimer’s. It was something they did each summer together.

  2. Oh, how sweet! She is so lucky to have this time with her Grandpa! Such wonderful memories for her, and the start of a life long love of gardening….:)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi, Flora! This is lovely… making memories and anticipating harvest time. :o) Oh, and belated anniversary wishes to you & your husband–Happy Days! ((HUGS))

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