anniversary dinner

art on a plate

Shortly after giving birth, I posted about how much I love sushi. Well, for our anniversary dinner, we went out to celebrate at one of the best (in my opinion) sushi restaurants in the city.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill sushi restaurant with california rolls and terriayki chicken. This is sushi art. We had an 8-course meal, with each plate more delightful and pretty than the next. The biggest surprise of the night — the shrimp on my plate was still moving! It was a little shocking at first, even to me, who usually isn’t grossed out by raw foods.

The above was one of my favourites that night. Under the maple leaves was a piece of seared black cod (if you’ve never had this fish, you should try it. It’s like eating butter!) and corn cob stuffed with shrimp, and a nest of broad beans. The best part, though, was that the Japanese maple leaves were edible! They were coated in a salty seasoning and deep-fried. It was a pretty cool experience eating maple leaves for the first time!

I wanted to take pictures of every plate because they were all so beautifully arranged, but I was a little self conscious taking photos during dinner. I snapped these two near the end of the evening. It was the prefect meal for a lovely evening.


5 thoughts on “anniversary dinner

  1. Wow!!! That is very beautiful art on a plate! I am happy you and your hubby were able to share in the perfect anniversary dinner together…:) Congrats!

  2. That’s a beautiful dinner! I am a bit self conscious as well of taking pictures of my food in public. But I usually get over it for the sake of my blog!

    Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary. This looks amazing! I love sushi and that cod-YUM! I often want to take all these pictures in public places but I do get self conscious too, especially in restaurants.

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