i heart u

On days like today, I want to hit pause, and stay in this moment. If she never grew up and stayed like this forever, I wouldn’t mind.

Chubby baby thighs and itty bitty toes — melts my heart.

She’s such a little character. Her smiles are bright and her laughter even lighter. We’re savouring today indoors as the temperatures soar to over 36 degrees celsius (97 degrees fahrenheit).

Hope you’re all finding ways to keep cool, too!


4 thoughts on “pause

  1. Awww you little girl is darling!! She is adorable. :) I hope you guys have a fun cool day today! It’s only 10am in Hawaii… and normally it feels like it would be boiling, but the tradewinds are keeping everyone cool today! Happy Wednesday!

    xx Love & Aloha
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  2. Aw…so sweet! I wished I would have taken so many more pictures of my girls’ chubby thighs and itty bitty feet! We are having cloudy skies, and a chance of showers are expected here today. It is keeping the temps very mild! I am enjoying it!
    I hope you can find good ways to cool off!

  3. I know just what you mean! And they really do grow so quickly. Savor away! It really is unbearably hot. My dog is panting every time she goes out — even just for a few minutes.

  4. It’s over 90s here today and we are staying cool inside as well. You are right, they do grow up too quickly and I wish I had a pause button!

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