reno monday (on tuesday): week 4

colour week!

Our renovation is taking a little longer than I had hoped for. We’ve past our fourth week and there’s still so much more to do! A few set backs, such as the weather being too cold during a crucial period we needed the plaster to dry, and a delay in ordering our patio doors, were the main culprits.

But week 4 was all about walls and COLOUR! I was a little worried about the choice of paint — there’s so many to choose from. I was afraid of making a mistake, not loving the colour I picked, or changing my mind. I found this magazine to be extremely helpful. It was full of beautiful paints chosen by designers for every room, colour spectrum and even mood!

Wonderful calming and soothing colours, like daydream, seashell, or topsail.

And the best blues, such as blue toile, stillness, or dolphin’s cove.

We chose Benjamin Moore’s Meditation for the kitchen.

And Coventry Gray for the hallway leading into the new mudroom (former laundry room). I’m very happy with the colour choices. They look modern and sleek. I can’t wait to see the tiles and cabinets in place to really judge my paint selections. Crossing my fingers…


4 thoughts on “reno monday (on tuesday): week 4

  1. Selecting colors is so hard. I think because there are too many choices and sometimes the differences are so subtle. I think you’ll be happy with both colors — they’re neutral enough that you can accent in almost any other color. Ohhhh — it’s coming together!

  2. I need this color book. The colors you chose are beautiful. Really neutral so you can’t go wrong. I know what you mean about the project taking longer. I’ve learned that you should always add another month to when you think the project will be done and another few grand to the budget.

  3. Very nice color choices! Very easy colors to live with!
    I am “thinking” about painting my wood kitchen cabinets. They either need paint or another coat of varnish. I love white toned cabinets, they just lighten everything up! I have several paint chips taped up to the cabinets to help me make a decision!
    I picked kind of a gray blue for our bedroom (even though I still only have one of the walls in there painted!). I either need to buy a taller ladder, or borrow the neighbor’s to finish painting the rest of the room (if I finish it myself). :)

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