blast from the past

scavenger series

Since staying at my mom’s house, I’ve had the opportunity to go through some of my things that I had left in her basement when I moved out. Recently I discovered a collection of photos that I had forgotten about, like this series of Polaroid pics taken for my hubby’s (then boyfriend) birthday about 15 years ago. I had planned an elaborate scavenger hunt game around the city.

The object of the game was to find a series of flags (which I had hidden the day before) around the city with a clue at each location leading to the next. At certain marked “check points” the team had to perform a task and take a Polaroid of their location/task to prove that they had completed it. Thinking back, it was one of the funniest parties I had planned to date.

:: bus stop near the high school my brother attended.

:: the train station.

:: foot bridge by boat docks along the lakeshore.

::  the miniature golf putting park (one of my favourite photos of the series)

:: the kids splash pad at a nearby park.

:: art sculptures in front of the local library.

After all this time, the colours on the Polaroids have faded, but today I’m loving the effect — the soft, muted colours; the fuzzy images. I’m so glad I found these photos again. For the next week or so, I will be sharing some other finds from my mother’s basement, in my blast from the past series.

Happy weekend to you all!


4 thoughts on “blast from the past

  1. What a fun birthday scavenger hunt. What a great idea. I love coming across old pictures like these. They just transport you back to that experience. Have a lovely weekend.

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