5 months

happy 5 months, sweetie!

My dear littlest one, you’re now 5 months old and such a delight. You like to sit up now and the bumbo is your favourite. Your smiles and laughter continues to light up our world. 

Staying at Grandma’s has altered your night-time schedule a little (to my dismay) but what can we do? Too much change for a little one like you, right? I’m certain that you’ll adjust soon — long enough to do it all again when we move back home! 

You are exploring your world through your mouth, now, too! Everything within reach goes straight in! There’s no sign of teeth yet, but we’re in no hurry. This past week, jumping is your newest trick. You love to stretch those baby legs and move up and down. The smile on your face as you do so is adorable. 

Happy 5 months, my littlest sweetie! We made it this far!


4 thoughts on “5 months

  1. I’m sorry your world is a little topsy-turvy right now….Schedules off, living away from home. It will all get back to normal soon — though not soon enough for your liking. She is such a little bundle of love.

  2. Five months already! Such a fun, cute age when they are jumping, tasting, giggling, exploring their big world. How nice that grandma gets to enjoy her so much…I am sure you will be happy to have her schedule back to normal though. Enjoy your little Sweetie!

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