reno mondays: week 3

and then there were lights

Week 3 of our renovation continued with much needed electrical reworking, including the complete installation of our potlights. The new lighting makes such a dramatic difference. Before, the lighting in our house was always dim and inadequate. Now, we have lights in every room, controlled by dimmers and various switches. I love it!

:: In addition, the drywall went back up in the kitchen

:: and the window where the doorway will be made was prepared.

:: Lastly, the main floor closet was widened to make room for double bifold doors and more storage! I can’t say enough about having lots of storage space! Love!

So far, the project has gone smoothly with only a few minor, but manageable hiccups. The only thing I’m wishing is it would go along faster! I’m anxious to see the new flooring and cabinets installed. I was never a patient person!


4 thoughts on “reno mondays: week 3

  1. Wow!!!! That lighting will brighten things up right away! More storage is always a welcomed addition too…:) Excited to see your finished results!!

  2. The waiting is so hard. But storage! Aren’t you just dreaming of all that storage when your head hits the pillow? I would be so excited — I’m excited for you!

  3. Sweet Mother! I love all the changes. It’s great when the drywall goes up! Oh, and my lighting situation was similar to yours. And now, Let there be lights! So exciting I can burst!

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