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Several weeks ago I came across this 1979 edition of Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework at a local charity book sale for only $3. Everything from embroidery to knitting to rug-making and macrame, and more — it’s all there with clear illustrations of techniques, stitches and motifs. There’s even a guide for every crochet stitch and pattern imaginable, so I’m very excited to continue my granny square project with the aid of this book.

It’s now my trusty companion as I work through my biggest knitting challenge to date, this colourwork retro sweater for my babe. Learning how to strand and weave in colours as the pattern changes has been making this latest knit very slow going. I’m so grateful for the wonderful illustrations in this book to guide me through it all.

Here’s to good finds and a little bit of retro knitting!


4 thoughts on “retro knitting

  1. That book looks like a treasure. Doesn’t your heart get racing when you find something like that — and for $3?!! Lucky you — and good luck with that sweater.

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