35 things

work in progress

On my 35th birthday I made a list. It was a list of my goals that I would try to accomplish before my next birthday. I didn’t publish this list (it’s tacked on a board in our office), but I thought I would do so now and document each one as I check it off.

1. Take a workshop.
2. Sew something for myself.
3. Finish this knit cardi I started over a year ago.
4. Knit something in fair isle (the photo above is my first fair isle project).
5. Exhibit at a local craft show.
6. Learn to crochet.
7. Renovate our kitchen.
8. Have professional family photos taken.
9. Make a book out of my blog.
10. Replace using paper napkins with cloth.
11. Make my own bread.
12. Fly a kite.
13. Volunteer.
14. Redecorate the living/dining room.
15. Design personalized family stationary.
16. Plant something.
17. Start an art journal.
18. Find a church.
19. Get back into a regular spinning class.
20. Organize our digital photos into an album/book.
21. Visit an art gallery.
22. Take a sewing class.
23. Knit new sweaters for my girls.
24. Get a library card!
25. Try a new grill recipe.
26. Go on a trip.
27. Take a swim class with K.
28. Spin my own yarn.
29. Organize my knitting patterns in a binder.
30. Plan a party for the neighbours.
31. Go to a movie (sans babies).
32. Make a birthday cake.
33. Host Christmas dinner.
34. See a live show.
35. Make a dent in my yarn stash.

Wow! That’s a lot of goals. I hope I have the energy to pull them all off!

Idea inspired by Elise Blaha.


18 thoughts on “35 things

  1. Okay — I’m exhausted looking at your list. That’s a huge number of things you want to accomplish. At least you’ve mastered the granny square. In my book, that ranks as number 1. Good luck.

  2. Wow…to be 35 again!!! :) LOTS of energy going on here! These are wonderful goals. It is great to set goals for things we want to DO, and to strive to BE more than we are. A good idea for all of us to make a yearly list like this, no matter what age we are!

  3. That is a great list. Have you checked out blurb.com. They can turn your blog into a book. They also make great photo books which I created with past family vacations. they’re great and their layout is a bit better than shutterfly although I still use shutterfly for photobooks too.

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