reno mondays: week two

Week number two of our renovation was mostly behind the scenes type work. New floorboards were laid, new plumbing and electrical were in place, and new ceilings in some much-needed areas.

:: like the kitchen, where the ceiling had bulged in some areas due to water leakage in the past (before we owned the home).

:: and in the family room where the ugly old stippled will be scrapped and painted with potlights installed.

Part of the renovation is to move our old laundry room into the basement, where there is lots of room, and transform the room into a mud room complete with a sink, a bench, and shelves for baskets and storage.

I’m really excited for this part of the reno because with two growing kids, I see the mud room as essential for corralling all their jackets, shoes, mittens and school bags. 

:: so the plumbing for the new sink was installed, and the washer and dryer moved downstairs, along with new plumbing and venting in their new location.

And lastly, our tiles were delivered! Picking out our floor tiles was super stressful. We could not decide. We tossed around ideas with marble, travertine and even porcelain, but in the end we chose a honed ivory travertine. I think they will go nicely with our antique white kitchen! I can’t wait to see them go in!


4 thoughts on “reno mondays: week two

  1. Progress — it’s happening! I can’t wait to see the tiles. This kitchen is going to look spectacular. You’re not going to ever want to eat out again.

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