pixie tales

vintage pixie

Recently I had a special shop request for my vintage inspired pixie hat in a cream colour. I couldn’t resist before packaging it up, putting it on my babe for a quick little photo session. Oh, she looks so adorable I just might have to make one for her, even though she does not have a shortage of mama-made hats of her own!

My favourite detail on this hat is the vintage gold and pearl coloured button. It’s from my mom’s sewing tin (since I’m staying at her house while the renos are going on, I’m raiding her stash while mine is buried back home). All of which belonged to my grandmother, who was a wonderful knitter herself. She used to knit all kinds of sweaters and vests for my mom and her siblings when they were kids.

I bet the little babe who gets this hat will look just as sweet as mine! Oh, those sweet round cheeks! Don’t you just want to kiss them?


3 thoughts on “pixie tales

  1. She keeps getting cuter and cuter! And those cheeks are squeezable.

    Adding that vintage button is such a great touch. Your hats are awesome.

  2. That button is the perfect final touch on that little pixie hat! Your little daughter is as cute as a button too!! Her cheeks are sweet as can be!!

    Have a Happy Mother’s Day, Flora! :)

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