yoga baby

baby yoga

Hi people!

My mama wanted me to show you my new skills! Look at my upward dog pose. It’s all part of my latest bag of tricks! Along with rolling (which I do in my sleep to my mama’s dismay), making bubbles, eating my hands and grabbing my toes — I’m great entertainment!

We’ve got to go check on the progress of the house now, so I’ll catch you later! I’m sure there will be lots more photo updates of both me and the house soon! Bye, bye!


4 thoughts on “yoga baby

  1. Look at that lock of hair! Almost time for a cut and style. And those rolling days are so much fun. I think the scariest is when they start pulling themselves up on furniture — oh the falls and tumbles. Ouch.

  2. That is one sweet upward doggie! ;o) I’ve been practicing yoga for years… and I always get a kick out of kids, or even animals, doing yoga poses unintentionally. :o)

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