reno mondays: week one

I’ve been missing this space a lot. Since I haven’t had the opportunity to post anything in over a week, I’ve been taking lots of photos, working of some new projects and a custom order from my shop. Everything is still not 100% with my computer, and I’m missing a lot of applications at the moment so these photos have been loaded directly from the camera without any photo editing, but I wanted to show you some of the progress!

A lot was done in week one!

:: the old kitchen cabinets and drywall were removed

:: the old ceramic floor tiles were removed

:: revealing icky green and gold speckled linoleum tiles beneath

:: and about a thousand nails! But the most dramatic change…

:: we now have an opening between our kitchen and dining rooms! Oh how I love this!


5 thoughts on “reno mondays: week one

  1. Thank goodness you’re back — I’ve been wondering how your project is going! Progress — it’s getting there.

    And yes — pink pyrex (such a happy find). And I think you would have no problem making those hangers. Once I got going, I found it to be really simple.

    And to update you on my booties….I need help! My mother is coming for a visit this Saturday and I’ve already requested that she just devote and hour to get me straightened out. I did lots of practice making simple dishclothes — which turned out quite well, but then my mind drew a blank. Not to worry, as usual, my mother will set me straight!

  2. It looks like major construction going on at your house! I bet you are excited for everything to be finished. I am anxious to see your finished results!!

    I hope you are enjoying your stay with your family during renovation!
    Have a great day, Flora! :)

  3. VERY exciting about your home projects, Flora… and your creative ones too–congrats on the custom order–always fun with those! :o)

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