renovation countdown

The countdown is officially on! Our contractor confirmed that he will be starting on Monday morning by ripping out our existing kitchen, flooring, hallway and laundry room. The renovation I blogged about at the beginning of the year is soon to become a reality!

My 5-year-old dream to have this…

and this…

and this…

turn into something more like this…

…is all going to come true soon!

This weekend will be busy spent cleaning out the main floor, making room in the garage to store all of our furniture, and moving out to my mom’s place where we will be living for the next 6 weeks. I’m praying our contractor stays on track and sticks to his timeline!

I may be offline for a short time while I make sure the demolition starts off smoothly and get Internet installed over at my mom’s place. And I’ll be taking lots of photos of the whole process! Here’s hoping for a stress-free (if there ever was one) renovation!


6 thoughts on “renovation countdown

  1. Just keep that last picture in your mind….And hold on to that image. I don’t envy this renovation process, but I’m sure I’ll be green with envy when you post your finished kitchen pictures! Good luck — it’s going to be so worth the wait. (And don’t stay away too long….I’ll miss you).

  2. I love those white cabinets! I have wood ones, but want to paint them white (my dear hubby frowns when I say that…:)). Hopefully the contractor will stay on schedule for you guys. The good thing is you and the babies will get to spend more time with Mom and Grandma! Looking forward to hearing from you soon…:)

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