a delivery for my basket

special delivery

The mailman delivered a package yesterday that I’ve been expecting for a couple of weeks now — my new project basket! I’ve been coveting Maya’s coffee sack buckets for a while now and I finally decided I had to own one!

I guess if I was better at sewing I could’ve made one for myself  since Maya has patterns in her shop for the buckets, but alas, I don’t trust that my sewing skills are up to par.

So now I’m making plans for my next knitting project. Along with the wonderful spring weather, the wool has been pushed aside in favour of lighter fibres (cottons and linens) and colours (pale blue, yellow and white). This next project will be like Paris in spring — crisp, expectant and beautiful.


2 thoughts on “a delivery for my basket

  1. oh flora!! you shouldn’t have shown me that! now i want one!!

    ps. I devoured the entire TWILIGHT saga in just over a week!! haha. LOVED IT!!! and i watch vampire diaries every thursday night. the girls know now to bother me while mommy is watching her show.

    have you read twilight? and watched the vampire diaries? i am sure if you haven’t, you will just LOVE both!!

  2. That’s an awesome basket — it looks like such fun. I wouldn’t think of sewing burlap on a sewing machine. I wonder what kind of needle she uses. And if I can learn to knit — you can sew! I know you could do it. I’m anxious to see what you’re going to make using those cottons and linens. I have too much “wool” going on right now to make the switch over. But soon. Soon.

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