cookbook challenge: pan roasted steak

the perfect steak

When I was pregnant, I didn’t eat a lot of steak. Not because I had an aversion to it during my pregnancy, but because I loved my steak medium rare and that was a no-no for expectant moms. It was well done only or not at all, so I chose the latter. Why eat something I didn’t like, right?

So now, I can indulge in a little beef just the way I like it! Michael Smith’s pan roasted steak with tarragon mushroom sauce was perfect for this indulgence! The recipe was simple, sear sirloin to liking and top with sauce made with onions, mushrooms, tarragon, sherry and cream. Simple and so good!

Join me next week as I make some Easy Cupcakes, a recipe book I picked up several months ago devoted to those sweet little cakes! I’m not sure which one I’ll make, maybe a few different ones, we’ll just have to see…


3 thoughts on “cookbook challenge: pan roasted steak

  1. I’m totally jealous now. I would love to eat steak with a sauce. Yum — I’m licking my lips as I type this. But, my cholesterol is on the rise so I’m giving up red meat (sniff, sniff). Have an extra piece for me. This is what happens when you hit the mid-forties.

  2. THat looks amazing!! (Even though I AM pregnant currently, and I AM having meat aversions…)
    Can’t wait to try something like that in the future.

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